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Leah Marie Dorion
Métis Artist

Leah Marie Dorion is an interdisciplinary Métis artist raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Leah is a teacher, painter, filmmaker and published writer, who holds three degrees: a Bachelor of Education, a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts. She views her Metis heritage as giving her a unique bridge of knowledge between all people.

Leah has numerous creative projects to her credit. They include gallery showings of her paintings, children’s books, academic papers written for the Royal Commission of Aboriginal Peoples, and documentaries that showcase Metis culture and history.

Leah’s paintings honor the spiritual strength of Aboriginal women and the sacred feminine. She believes that women are the first teachers to the next generation and they hold a key role in the passing of vital knowledge onto all of humanity. This ideal is heavily reflected in her artistry. To learn more about Leah Marie Dorion and view more of her artwork visit: https://leahdorion.ca.