Our Designers

Gwendolyn McShepard

Gwendolyn McShepard was born in Mississippi, raised and educated in Wisconsin and now resides in California. Having no patience for the narrow constrictions of most art instruction, Gwendolyn will proudly tell you that her artistic talent is unschooled and untrained.

Imagery from her life experiences has influenced Gwen’s art and has been integrated into her painting style which is uniquely her own. Her work is simply what it is: sultry and soulful. Gwen’s bold use of color, an uninhibited and sometimes folksy style is becoming her recognizable trademark. A master of color, with a keen eye for detail, Gwen’s work captures the moment with enchanting and enduring style. From fanciful street scenes and abstracts, to more realistic and contemporary works, Gwen is one of the most diverse artists of her time. To learn more about Gwen McShepard and view more of her artwork visit: https://gwendolyn-mcshepard.pixels.com.