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Hayden Lambson

Hayden Lambson was born and raised in the small town of Ramah, New Mexico. It was while attending, Brigham Young University that Hayden took his first art class. He graduated from BYU as valedictorian in Youth Leadership and pursued his love of the great outdoors as a career scouter for the Boy Scouts of America. It was during this time that Hayden fully immersed himself in nature.

Inspired by the abundant scenery and wildlife around him, Hayden discovered its power and decided he wanted to capture it on canvas. He devoted himself to art full time and was skilled at capturing nature and its beauty through art. Haydenís paintings were well received and his artistic career flourished. He has won numerous Artist of the Year awards with several conservation organizations and has been featured in a multitude of outdoor publications. To learn more about Hayden Lambsonís life and view more of his artwork visit: http://www.lambsonart.com.