Our Designers

Mark Kelso and Bradley Jackson

Mark Kelso was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and spent his early years immersed in art and nature. He majored in painting at John Herron School of Art, in Indianapolis where his subject matter was influenced by social, philosophical, and environmental ideas. These ideas translated into wildlife and landscape themes, and throughout the years became and remain the focus of Mark’s paintings.

His art has been exhibited world wide, including The National Geographic Society, Taiwan’s National Museum of Natural History, The London Museum of Natural History, and The Smithsonian Institute. He currently works out of his studio near Indianapolis. Mark travels extensively, gathering experiences from the wild from which he draws inspiration. To learn more about Mark Kelso and view more of his artwork visit: https://www.markkelsoart.com.

Bradley Jackson is one of the most popular wildlife artists in the United States. Brad grew up in Northern Maine on the banks of the St. John River where he developed his love, fascination and deep affection for wildlife and of nature. Brad is known for his realistic approach and exactness for detail. His paintings are bright, airy and lush with color. His unique application of acrylic paint enables him to capture the beauty and sole of his wildlife subjects.

Brad has won numerous awards and his work can be found in private collections worldwide. To learn more about Bradley Jackson and view more of his artwork visit: https://bradleyjackson.com.