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Tracy Lizotte

Tracy Lizotte is a watercolor artist whose passion for painting with watercolors started at a very young age. When Tracy was 11, her parents discovered Tracy was artistic. They approached Tracy’s Great Aunt Dot (she taught only adults) and asked Dot to give Tracy lessons in watercolor painting.

Great Aunt Dot taught Tracy traditional watercolor techniques and the importance of using to professional materials. Dot's style of teaching combined with Tracy’s fearlessness with a brush and paint (chalk it up to youth) forged her unique style of painting.

Tracy graduated from the University of Southern Maine with a Bachelor’s Degree in Art Education. She taught art for 8 years while she continued to paint and develop her style. She fell in love, got married, and had 4 fantastic girls. As Tracy’s responsibilities grew her priorities changed and giving up painting was not an option. Instead Tracy resigned from teaching and decided to stay at home, raise her girls and paint full time.

Tracy’s passion is watercolor painting. Her ideas come from everyday life and because of this, Tracy’s style has evolved and grown with time. Everything Tracy paints has a story behind it and she is inspired by her children, animals, and nature’s patterns and colors.

To learn more about Tracy Lizotte and view more of her artwork visit: www.tracylizottestudios.com.