Our Designers

Billy Jacobs

Billy Jacobs, a long time resident of Ohio, started his career in the Country Gift Industry in the early Eighties as a woodcrafter and designer. Billy designed as well as manufactured thousands of Country and primitive products throughout the 80ís and 90ís.

In the 2000ís Billy turned his focus from woodcrafting to painting. His early folky primitive style was well received by his customers. Billy continued to refine his painting style and in late 2006 switched from acrylics to watercolors and began his journey painting the rural American countryside. Since then Billyís artwork has taken the market by storm, his depiction of the simple American lifestyle and days gone by bring a nostalgic comfort to the viewer and have made him one of todayís most sought after artist.

To learn more about Billy Jacobs and view more of his artwork visit: www.billyjacobs.com.