Our Designers

Rebecca Barker

Rebecca Barker grew up on her family’s dairy farm in Oxford, Ohio. She began painting in her early teens and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Ohio University.

Her childhood appreciation for quilts and country life inspired her early work - a series of paintings she called “Quiltscapes.” Quiltscapes were painted in acrylic on masonite board. The quilt images were taken from quilt history books and they were meant to honor the beauty of old time quilt patterns. Rebecca’s quiltscape artwork can be seen at http://www.barkerquiltscapes.com.

Around 2012, Rebecca found a new freedom and inspiration, and her painting took a new direction. Rebecca considers herself to be a colorist. It is Rebecca’s love of color and her thoughts associated with color, that inspired her new series “Abstracts.” The series depicts her vision of feelings, nature, places and memories. The Abstract paintings are colorful undefined images which feature clarity, movement, composition, texture and design. These too are painted in acrylic, on masonite board (veneered plywood) or canvas. An epoxy coating is applied on top to make them look like they are under glass.

To learn more about Rebecca Barker and view her artwork visit http://www.abstractsbybarker.com.