Our Designers

Oleg Gavrilov

Oleg Gavrilov was born in Russia. As a child Oleg discovered his gift for drawing and insisted his parents enroll him in a local art school. While his schoolmates played outside in the streets, Oleg spent hours admiring nature’s beauty in the Russian woods.

At a young age, Oleg was entranced by the beauty of metal tray paintings and decided to master the difficult skills of such painting. In three years of study and practice at the Russian College for Iron Tray Painters, Oleg graduated and was awarded the title of Master Artist of top rank, ordinarily given only after many years of exceptional work. 

Oleg’s career began at the Iron Tray Workshop, where he joined a small group of artists, each creating unique, one-of-a-kind pieces distinct from the workshop’s mass-produced products. Each work created by Oleg was an original still life composition of bright flowers, lively birds and sunlit butterflies. 

In 1993 Oleg left the Workshop to become an independent freelance artist. His work has been Licensed by the Bradford Exchange, Bits and Pieces, Spilsbury and others. 

Oleg lives with his family in Moscow and spends his summers in the country. Oleg’s inspiration comes from his summer home where he is surrounded by lakes and meadows, and unspoiled forests. With his loving eye for all things beautiful and his precise attention to detail, Oleg has created a body of work that is treasured by many.