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Andrey Gudkov

Andrey Gudkov is a photographer-animalist. He began his photographic journey over 20 years ago while he was a student-biologist. His early photographs were images and reports of scientific studies. The photo exhibit, “Eyes to Eyes” by photographer Franz Lanting, a personal meeting with worldwide famous British photographer-animalist Steve Bloom, and his love of animalism, influenced his genre choice.

Andrey has photographed animals and nature throughout the world - Zaire, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Sumatra, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, New Guinea, India, Sri Lanka, France, Germany, Great Britain, Cuba, Canada, South African Republic, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Madagascar, Botswana, Middle Asia, Far East, Japan and of course Russia.

Andrey is a constant finalist and winner of numerous photography awards worldwide. His photographs, essays, and interviews have been published in a multitude of Russian and foreign publications. Andrey is the founder and curator of the wildanimalssafari.com, an organization that organizes photo and video shoots of wildlife around the world for professional photographers, videographers and nature enthusiasts.

To learn more about Andrey Gudkov and see his work, visit wildanimalsphoto.com.