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Howard Robinson

Howard Robinson has been described as the artistic master of adorable animals, both wild and tame that brim with personality, the kind that makes a person smile. He has been working in the Art Licensing industry for over 36 years and his delightful images can be found on numerous products throughout the world. 

After many years of hard work and study he seems to be living in a dream. As a child, Howard was always fascinated by nature and this become the main feature of his art. 

He has had great success in breeding rare birds, and gets invited to give presentations as far as Africa and Australia. It is on these trips, that he is able to explore the wilds with the worlds experts. Howard has visited so many amazing places, he is bursting with reference and inspiration. He returns home to paint, and then the images are licensed by Zoo’s and Aquariums. He then gets to visit “behind the scene for hands on experience with even more fascinating species.” Howard’s work and hobby have become one and the same.

According to Howard, he works far too hard, but if he was to retire, what would he do? Exactly what he is doing now! To learn more about Howard Robinson visit www.howardrobinson.info.