Our Designers

Randy Wollenmann

Randy Wollenmann is an illustrator, artist and designer. Randy finds it difficult to label himself as just an artist, because when the energy to explore takes hold he enjoys creating with both the traditional and modern methods available.

Randy's early interests focused on sculpture and furniture. He planned on entering the world of academia, when he decided to take a different path. He signed on with a monastery and spent his early career working for the monks of the St. Meinrad Archabbey in Indiana. It was while working for the Benedictine Monks, Randy realized the direction he wanted his creative energies to take. He was inspired by the design and vivid colors of the magnificent and intricate stained glass windows at the monastery church. The light that poured through the beautiful, textured glass brought the biblical scenes and stories to life.

For over 30 years Randy has been working in the field of decorative arts creating designs and images for a broad range of markets; from gift ware, dinnerware and glass design, to greeting cards, calendars, gift wrap, puzzles, books and children's learning materials. Through the years, Randy has developed a diverse collection of artwork, but many images reflect the inspiring designs he experienced during his early career with the Benedictine Monks.

To learn more about Randy Wollenmann and view more of his artwork visit: www.randywollenmann.com.